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Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1941
Publisher: Knopf

The simple anuals, artfully told, of Northbridge during a war winter, from the and his wife, to the officers billieted on them, and the backstairs , to the various friends, neighbors and acquaintances whose activities and relationships provide humar for the reader. There are tea , all clears, rations, and refugees. There is Miss Pemberton and her selfish, selflese de to her , Mr. a scholar who to the soft world of Mrs. , and her two but who is brought to his in time; Father Fewling and his with lady : Mrs. Paxon, the indefatigable; Mrs. and Miss , the Misses tallest, Miss Hapgood and Miss Crowder and their malapropisms; and his idealization of the Reactor's wife and her annoyance with him; Major and his wife -- all are bleaded into well bred comedy spiced with sharp observation and quiet humor.