NEW MEN FOR NEW TIMES: A Christian Philosaphy of Education by

NEW MEN FOR NEW TIMES: A Christian Philosaphy of Education

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With the new emphasis demanded by the Space Age, education is being analyzed and appraised by everyone military men and legislators as well as educators. Most have dealt with what appears to be immediate needs. In this study in depth, a professor of philosophy and educational science at Catholic University in Santiago outlines the underlying influences which have shaped the world of today. Professor Avaios has succeeded in presenting a remarkable synthesis of the theories of Marx, Kirkegaard, Dewey, Jung, Marcel, Murong and other philosophers showing their origins and development. In a real sense New Men For New Time is somewhat of a primer for all who would want to get a quick view of the influences which have affected education. The salutary effects of the theoreticians are pointed out as well as their deficiencies. She emphasizes how these theories approached the problem by hitting at important areas in a way of value to an understanding of man in a condition when his advances can literally destroy civilization. In the end, Professor Avaion a case for Christian thought and educational practice as the real resources for healing of the world's ailments. Here is a thoughtful, significant dissection of man's reason for being. As a clear presentation of A Christian Philosophy of Education this book should be read by all who would want to know more about the why of the form of education, now a hot topic of debate in Congress.

Pub Date: April 11th, 1962
Publisher: Sheed and Ward