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If you have ever wanted to attend a one man show in the company of an art critic who seems able to get into the mind of the artist and interpret not only his techniques, but the processes by which he arrived at his composition, his color effects, his objectives- here is your chance. In three volumes, the most beautiful art books we have seen, just this result is achieved. The color reproductions- fifty in each volume -- have captured faithfully the full value of the originals, in color, light, texture, in flesh tints, in gradations of tone. In the RENOIR, Walter Pach shares with the reader his own years of knowing Renoir. His Introductory material is part biographical, part interpretative; the phases of Renoir's life that were integral to his work are stressed, the external factors indicated. Then, in the descriptive text opposite each reproduction of a painting, one is taken behind the scenes, made to feel the artist's emotions and thinking, to understand and appreciate the meaning of the specific painting....From Schapiro, one gets a sympathetic comprehension of Van Gogh, his tortured mind, and sensitive spirit. There is less of biographical detail (perhaps because of greater familiarity) and more interpretation of the spirit. And again, each painting is presented individually...The EL GRECO we have not seen, but the sample reproductions show the same faithful exactness -- the same artistic achievement, and Prof. Bronstein of the Asia Institute has, in his text, analyzed the strange interrelation of El Greco's art and his country and his Church. These books are MUSTS for anyone interested in collecting the best of art in book form. Congratulations on a courageous -- and successful venture.

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams-53 E. 77th St. NYC 21