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Potentially, this would seem a subject so fraught with mystery, adventure and allure, that it could not be dull. But somehow whether through translation, or what- the authors somewhat literary style minimizes the scientific aspects of their research, and levels down the fascination of the content of their work....Since commerce began, precious metals and jewels have moved about, from the lands of their origins to the kingdoms where wealth was amassed. The trade routes were historically by sea, and oceans, characterized by storms, currents, reefs and so on, have aroused man's curiosity. When the lure of treasure is added, men have found it irresistible. Tales of the pursuit of foundered fortunes are encountered in folklore and history. In museums these authors have uncovered stories of brave men who have gone in search of treasure. They mention only briefly some of the fictions, confining themselves to successful ventures, to long determined search. From the centuries, Europe's crowned heads and their operators figured largely: today livers of world re have been involved in scientific explorations of the deep. The Italian firm of presented with its major operations. And yet, somehow, the breath of life is lacking.

Publisher: Hill & Wang