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From the Italian, in a very smooth translation by Raymond Rosenthal, this of amatory attachments between the members of the celebrity society of films and opera has a certain capricious sophistication and has been very successful in Italy where perhaps its "" set"" is more recognizable. Glulio, a music critic, tells their story and his, which begins and ends with his hopeless love for Marta, as well as hers for the star Lorenzo whose voice betrays his dependence on his wife as well as his exhaustion by the affair with a younger woman. Others in their ""group"", seemingly indivisible in spite of the shifting, splintering relationships, are involved in a messy scandal which parallels the notoriety of the Montesi case. And then there are the complications in the life of a film director, Arturo, his dissolving marriage and his current inamorata, an American film star...It is at best a cosmopolitan diversion, as desultory as the lives with which it deals. Still, along with the restlessness and the worldweariness, there's a certain chic, particularly in the Milanese montage.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Braziller