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It would be a pity if the readership of this book should be limited to the membership of the Anglioan Communion. Although the Rev. Dr. Howard A. Johnson, Canon of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divino, in New York undertook this world wide journey to visit the missions of the Anglican Church throughout the world and report on what he saw without fear or favor, this lively report is very much more than that. It is an evaluation of the whole Christian enterprise as it confronts the modern world, (illustrated by the missionary efforts of the Church of England and the American Episcepal Church, to be sure) but giving a wide, panoramic view of our seething world of exploding populations and erupting new nations, with the churches all too often unaware of the revolution going on around them, or failing to see just how the Christian witness is related to a world its modern representatives never knew, and whose shape they too often and tragically, fail to recognize. Not all is dark and certainly not all is lost, and Canon Johnson knows that the Christian Gospel cannot be defeated because blind mon falter, but there is little room or occasion for complacent composure by Anglicans, or any others, In the ace of no unprecedented crisis and opportunity. This makes lively and spirited reading-a book not for browsing but for anger perusal to the end. The reader shares the odyssey of Canon Johnson vividly and excitedly and will never again be able to ask ""Why missions?

Pub Date: July 17th, 1963