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The Red Hand, like its duskier Stellian equivalent, is a terrorist organization but in contrast to the Mar, is chiefly political and patriotic. It also has been able to operate with destructive efficiency because of the support of the Army, the Navy and the Police, and while the O.A.S. has now taken over in Algeria, the Red Hand operated in both Tunisia and before the first shot was fired in that ""dirty war"". Joesten, a free lance writer and reporter, is not too sure in his epilogue here whether the Red Hand is still in existence; it is a constantly changing situation and General Salan, once the intended victim of the Red Hand, is now the head of the O.A.S. In any case Joesten has complied a (newspaper and magazine accounts; his own research) of Red Hand activities and assassinations. In the early days burnoused figures chase down back alleys and became ""Cass Chicago"". Then they extended their terrain to the continent and particularity in Belgium and Germany and Switzerland retaliated against those supplying munitions to the F.L.N., the arms bearing Atlas was blown up in the dock at Hamburg, and bullets and bombs have taken many lives all over. It's hard to check on the credentials of any expose such as this which deals with a subterranean organization; they seem bona fide, although the material is rather scrappily assembled and the tone of voice is strident.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1962
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman