DIVIDED BERLIN: The Anatomy of Soviet Political Blackmail by

DIVIDED BERLIN: The Anatomy of Soviet Political Blackmail

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The author is not here much concerned with the Berlin crisis as such, but more with the diplomatic strategy adopted by both sides. He provides just enough background about the creation of Berlin to enable the average reader to understand the significance of diplomatic moves and countermoves. His main purpose in writing the book seems to be to provide the reader with a case study of Soviet missile diplomacy and to justify recent steps taken by the West to defend Berlin. The book has a good deal of information on diplomatic actions utilized by the West to hold their position in Berlin, and the current demand for books about Berlin will ensure a large audience. But the quality of Mr. Speier's thinking is not original and he falls into the of saying how uncompromising and aggressive Khrushehev's positions over Berlin is. He fails to examine the tenable thesis that the Soviet's behavior in this whole affair is essentially defensive and prompted by a real fear of a militarily strong Germany menacing its borders.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1961
Publisher: Praeger