THE IMPROPER OPINION:  and the Christian Faith by

THE IMPROPER OPINION: and the Christian Faith

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is a brilliant young theologian. Unfortunately, his brilliance much book on mass media and the Christian faith for it to have appeal than intellectuals and specialists. In a systematic way and with some rather sorry picture of Protestantism's effort to present street. We have very largely failed, and Dr. Marty observes that the to the Christian faith today in the matter of the communications field is not from the camp of the secularist but from the religionist"". He does not, however, in more than a very sketchy way, suggest a solution to the problem; but we are encouraged by Dr. Marty's introduction ""the faith has outlasted onslaughts more bold and sudden than anything is the value systems accompanying modern expressions"".

Pub Date: Nov. 20th, 1961
Publisher: Westminster Press