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This is the delightful story of a New York editor and his wife who bought six like islands"". When a slipped disk provided the , off for six months. One of the least known of the Caribbean islands, it has played an important role in military affairs for hundreds of years. Queen Victoria envisioned it as the Gibraltar of the Caribbean. Situated only 25 miles from Martinique, it received the very few refugees who fled St. Pierce just before Mt. Pelee blew its top in 1902. Since the Egglestons moved there, it has been visited by the Princess Royal on a state visit and by Winston Churchill (and Aristotle Onassis) unexpectedly. It received worldwide attention when the wounded crewmen of the hijacked Portuguese ship Santa Maria were sent ashore for treatment. For a place ""where nothing ever happens"", St. Lucis has provided the author with sufficient relaxation and excitement to make him resign from his job and settle there permanently. The reader will be prompted to go and do likewise.

Publisher: Putnam