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The sub-title here Up Ant Down With Schreiber and Baggish and the author, professor of English and Secretary of the Committee on General Studies in the at the University of Chicago, comes out of the academy and into the arena of fed up with wife, child and life in the suburbs, returns in an civilian Baggiah, from insignificant beginnings in Rhode lslands, a course that takes him right into Schreiber's orbit. There is a small connecting with (whose background Baggish adopts) and all three are exposed to similar but the conditioned reflex in each responds differently. Schreiber's him into a questionable job after he has lost two mistresses to the same making of everyone and every , winds up as the fiance of the of a rising industrialist, with chances of being the possible heir to the the power he seeks; Roger, satiated with all his European experiences, for returning to America and the kind of life he had previously despised. philosophical -- and mental -- calisthenics, this makes a bitter brew of the to tastes.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill