SANTA MAKIA: Crusade for Portugal by

SANTA MAKIA: Crusade for Portugal

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Although Galvao writes with occasional theatrical passion and right there is no doubt his Santa Maria makes for powerful, provocative and, at times, breathtaking reading. Both an apologia and manifesto, it details the beadline take over of that Portuguese luxury ship which he and his confederates Past January in order to bring world attention to the iniquities of the regime. A defender of the exited General Delgado reform movement, but neither communist socialist, Senor Galvao acts up a sizzling indictment, tearing to shreds Salazar's much vaunted economic measures, the 'cilivized' colonilization of Angola, the controlled press, the 'patriotic' imprisonment of dissenters and the the governmental police force. Later he given a blow- by-blow description of why, how and with whom he performed Operation Duclinea; presented in the form of ship's log it has all the fire and fascination of something out of Nordoff and Hall to : Iz also appends a solution for the self-determination of Portuguese and a plan for the immediate return of Portugal herself to democratic representation. A book of revolutionary implications, fact-studded and flerce, it won't go by unheralded.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1961
Publisher: World