NIELS STENSEN: Scientist-Bishop by

NIELS STENSEN: Scientist-Bishop

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The title sounds somewhat apologetic in that it suggests that a Bishop could not possibly be a scientist and that this situation is so unusual that it merits this kind of attention. Whether this is the case is beside the point. This biography is truly a unique convert-story. Though little known, it possesses the ingredients which make for human interest. Mere is a portrait of a 17th century scientist whose research and discoveries in the fields of anatomy, geology, and crystallography are clearly recognized even today. An exemplary Luth for thirty seven years. Niels Stensen became a Catholic after much study and reading in the tradition of the scientist. The benefits religion derived from his probing mind later are evident. Ordained a priest and later consecrated a Bishop, the scientist devoted his energies to helping the poor and writing apologetics. The book recreates the achievements of this unusual man so that his accomplishments will hold great interest for our own times. Bishop Stensen's austere life, combined with great zeal for the work to which he dedicated his later years, make him an inspiration to almost any one. That his cause for elevation to sainthood is being investigated by the would suggest even greater reason for recommending this book to all who seek to discover in even the most pragmatic areas of human activity a source of inspiration and dedication.

Pub Date: Dec. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Kenedy