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Publisher: Macmillan

The author is a noted authority on herbs and has written two delightful books, Green Enhancement and Magic Gardens, that did much to popularize them lately. Many people books on herbs, many people grow them, many people pride themselves on special But most of these books are expensive, old and out of book will take the place of a herb library as herbs are from their to their commercial values. One of the most in has always been the teas and brown of witches and medicine men as well as great grandmothers' recipes for Rosemary biscuits, Herb jellies, or pot. There are given along with various hints of the lavendar and old lace era. There are pages practical directions for their culture, how and why to plant herbs, lists of herbs arranged according to color, height, exposure enjoyed, fragrance, medicinal and industrial value. Very few books give as complete information of when to pick your herbs, dry them so they'll keep their fragrance and strength. Amateurs can use this book easily and profitably; experts will want it for their collection and for the recipes. In view of the fact that most herbs have been imported from the Far East, and that there will be a shortage, many people will find welcome substitute in the herbs they grow.