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A title as courageous as the author's story, these are not as stately memories as one would expect from royalty for they are concerned primarily with the long trail of service, to country and people, which led from her country, to Austria, Switzerland, South America -- and our own New England. Even her early days had little to do with the romantic aspect of being a princess, for, born in 1909, there was war, politics, and international trouble to mark her career, and life in World War II and behind the Iron Curtain to underline her duty to her fellow Romaniana. As a personal story, this concentrates on the family situation in troubled times, as she, separated from her husband, and with six children, took her place in caring for the wounded, the trainloads of refugees and fugitives, establishing hospitals, medical care and welfare for her countrymen, in Austria and later in her homeland. Under the surveillance of Germans, Russians, Communists -- under the inescapable royal recognition -- under the long continued misery of watching her country absorbed -- she followed the line of duty laid down by her royal parents and left only when all her chances of survival and assistance, were out off. The fairy tale castles and estates, the panoply of kingship, Liaras and symbols of temporal power acquire human and realistic interpretation which in its detail may overpower a casual reader. In royal records, a humane and humble footnote.

Pub Date: Jan. 17th, 1951
Publisher: Rinehart