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This oa a remarkable in the history of the Orient and specifically the labors of the ministers in China during the seventeenth century takes on an unusual timeliness in the author highlights how the of this glorious past will serve mankind well if applied to today's problems in dealing with the emerging nations. Father who often attack for his hard-hitting articles in leading which point up the repellent image of our culture which the cacist-minded and money have been projecting abroad, demonstrates his personal appreciation of the trials which his minator ancectors had to with from the mal- of their lay. paints a picture of another China snd of the men who worked in its behalf vanguard, leFevre, and Schall. These giants of the sixteenth and seventeenth sen worked to bridge the culture differences separating from West -- bringing in their work intellectual humility, culture modesty, respect, sympathy and understanding white rejecting every form of racial and cultural arrogance. Here is a book which thoughtfully read can well become a source book for focusing Americans attention on the real qualities of civilized maturity which must from representative leaders of the world.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1962
Publisher: Notre Dam University Press