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Esrlier in The Michael help a newcomer adjust to their town. Now that both children are approaching adolescence, Michael is smitten with another newcomer. This time she is Mary Beth Evander, beautiful and wealthy heartthrob of Class . A few aspects of Mary Beth's personality disturb Michael:- her impertinence, her defiance of authority and her desire for thrills. After an illegal motor scooter janut with Mary Beth and her brother. Michael decides to slick to snow fun with and the gang. The mystery itself is woven unobtrusively into the framework of fully developed characterizations and emerges slowly as a few peculiar events become connected. When Ramrod, a neighborhood pet, finds a hidden trap door in the snow, it is ignored until falls into the unseen cellar and Michael notices an assortment of to which Inspector Nillson had once casually referred. Michael's curiosity leads him to witness a robbery and his courage is responsible for identifying the band of teenage robbers led by Mary Beth and her brother. Like the mystery itself, the insights into Mary Beth's behavior emerge as naturally as does the entire story.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1962
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World