The BUCKSKIN BOOKS: A new series by

The BUCKSKIN BOOKS: A new series

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The three titles discussed below are the first batch of a new series' aimed both boys and girls. Various events in Canadian history provide the background for BUCKSKINS BOOKS. The great achievements of our neighbors to the north deserve a better press at all levels. It is unfortunate that this new series will not do much to help the situation. It is evidently going to be an uneven production with one half-way recent title out of three entries. Each is illustrated with line drawings that are not distinguished for either technique or accuracy. The placement of pictures in lation to text is poor. Style, character development and vocabulary leave all to be desired. Last but not least, history is tampared with. Two famous explorers are the victims this time. The bindings are stout, but they will not preserve much that is worth keeping.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1963
Publisher: St Martin's Press