MY : The Story of a Carm by

MY : The Story of a Carm

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power of man, just as he balances the mercy of God over against the judgement of God. Nie is the validity of the Christian faith as over against the Greek which he sees persisting through the ages via the Re, modern rationalism and present day secularism. He rejects the materialistic collectivist faiths of our day as well as the answer of mysticism. In the last part of the book he out is with fashion how the ebraic- Christian faith would lead men to view history, how the economic, social, political and international problems of our day. To his all neatly packaged interpretations of history or of current problems are suspect and he calls for a patient, ad-hoc but believing approach to the past and the present. The multi-signican book to come from the pen of one often spoken of as America's most brilliant ter.