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This collection consists of three short novels: Stairway to the Sea by Thomas Firth, This Night in Sodom by Charles J. Reiter, and Custom by John Schultz. The publishers of course did not group the works without reason. Each of them is of the genre eminently glandular with sexual satisfaction and its interesting concomitants. Stairway is a sex-triangle piece about the suicide of an artist and what it is that she must sacrifice for the disciplined life.... The second, Mr. Reiter's work, should be read without bias by all who prefer some syntax to none. It is indeed one of those fragmented, frenetic, stream-of-consciousness stories frequently satirized and easily made light of. Although one does get the impression that structure might not have hindered the attempt so much as the author would like to imagine, this is an impressive and powerful novella of an old man's last attempt at living, accompanied by a Negro whore, set in a pad, punctuated by bongos.... The last of the pieces is an offensive attack against sense, sensibility and clarity which Mr. Schultz and six or seven friends undoubtedly understand. Two winners and a loser certainly justify an innovative form which will probably widen the market for young writers.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1962
Publisher: Grove