WHEN THE DREAM DIES by A. Bertram Chandler


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Volume two in the Rim World series (see above)--with Rim Runner captain Alan Kemp going independent by buying an ancient, outmoded magnetic drive vessel and renaming her Lucky Lady. Thrown off course by a magnetic storm, the ship comes across one of the fabled Lost Colonies--which is occupied and operated (like Russell's Mechanistria) entirely by robots. Unluckily enough, the zealous robots are dedicated to serving humanity and insist on keeping the crew around--providing them with good food, luxurious accommodation, and lascivious robot females (Kemp's is the double of his wife Veronica). The humanlike robots, however, soon take pity on the men, helping them to escape--and, still lost, Lucky Lady next touches down on a planet inhabited by the barbaric descendants of space pirates, where Kemp swaps robot Veronica for some star charts to get them all home (over the strenuous objections of the crew, who have come to regard her as a woman). Pleasant fun, but again (128 pp.) skimpy.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Allison & Busby--dist. by Schocken