BRING BACK YESTERDAY by A. Bertram Chandler


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Billed as the third of the Rim World adventures (The Rim of Space; When the Dream Dies, 1981)--though the only connection with the Rim is the fact that protagonist Petersen doesn't go there; instead, having missed his ship thanks to an amorous dalliance, he joins a detective agency and sleuths off to the moon Wenceslaus, where mad professor Fergus and his beautiful daughter Elspeth are meddling with time and interfering with the course of history. Defying the standard villains anxious to steal the professor's secret, Petersen closes off the strange time-loop in which Fergus--while making futile attempts to change the past by preventing the accident that killed his wife--has embroiled them all; and there's the requisite romantic fade-out. A tentative, often boggy addition to a series which thus far has done little to justify its belated revival.

Pub Date: Aug. 8th, 1982
Publisher: Allison & Busby--dist. by Schocken