THE BOOK OF THE SEA by A. C.- Ed. Spectorsky
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Here's what promises to be the gift book of the year for the lover of the sea. World literature over the centuries has been sifted for gems that reflect the sea in one phase or another. The material falls into six sections:- Men Venture on the Sea (and here we have adventure from Magellan to Kon Tiki); Men Work on the Sea (Boswell has his say on the wretchedness of sea life); Men against the Sea (storm has never been more vividly drawn than by Conrad): Men Study the Sea (and today it is to greater depths than dreamed of- Beebe, Cousteau, Diole); Men Fight on the Sea (the range here is from the Spanish Armada to the Coral Sea, sometimes fiction, sometimes fact); Men Wonder at the Sea (Thoreau, Henry Beston, T. S. Eliot). There are fishing yarns, adventures in small boats, there are sea chanties, there are personal experiences. The famous names are here, but not always with their best known writings, and there are many that should be known better. Editorial comment is kept at a minimum,- a brief introductory paragraph, brief biographical notes. But editorial acumen is evident in the scope and the imaginative quality of the selections.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1954
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts