THE COLLEGE YEARS by A. C.- Ed. Spectorsky
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Thoughts and memories of University life are the subjects of this vastly amusing and revealing anthology collected by A.C. Spectorsky, author of the highly acclaimed The Exurbanites. An excerpt from History and Antiquities of the University of Oxford describing a massacre between students and faculty which occured in the fourteenth century, John Garland's rules for the proper student set down in the thirteen hundreds -- ""Be not a fornicator...a robber, a murderer, a deceitful merchant, a champion at dice.""--an account of Shelley's expulsion from Oxford, a description of early Harvard days, a foreign student's impression of an American school, spicy songs and, of course, a repertoire of absent minded professor jokes are all compiled here in this lively anthology which just about groans under its weight of entertainment, as the celebrated names which mingle here span the centuries in their captivating reverie of school days. Of the ""to be frequently dipped into"" school.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1958
Publisher: Hawthorn