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This is a full-scale, well-documented study of Communist China, her domestic policies and her relationships with other Asian nations and the United States. The purpose of this study, which was made under the sponsorship of the Council on Foreign Relations, is to provide a picture of Communist China's growing impact on Asia and the myriad of new problems it poses for us. It attempts to appraise the Chinese Communist challenge in its political, economic and military aspects. The author has put his emphasis on the present rather than the past, in order to stimulate some drious thought on the part of American policy makers in determining alternative paths for the future. Mr. Barnett is extremely well qualified to write with authority on China. He was born in Shanghai, and spent his first fifteen years in China. In 1948-49, he was in ing during the Communist siege and take-over of that city, and he lived under Chinese Communist rule for about seven months. In this book Mr. Barnett examines the institutions and techniques with which Communist China is striving to remake its own society and exert its role as a major power on the international scene. He appraises the strengths and weaknesses of Communist China's domestic base, the stability of its rule at home, the prospects for its economic development. He also assesses the basic motivation and philosophy of the present rulers and delineates their short-term foreign policy tactics and long-range strategy. Perhaps what is especially important about this book is that it provides that much-needed total context by which we can now understand certain actions of the iping government which have until now seemed incomprehensible or disconnected. The book also provides a fairly good basis for judging what the general direction of the future may be.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1959
Publisher: Harper