THE SPACE AROUND US by A. Edward Tyler


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The imitative title is doubtless intentional since Mr. Tyler regards space s sea; the fluid in it is electromagnetic and there are tides, waves, currents; there are also other islands like our own to be explored and quite possibly other forms of life. But imitation, however flattering, also invites comparisons which dght otherwise have not been made; Mr. Tyler does not have the late Miss Carson's capacity to excite and enchant, although, in simple language, he has managed to communicate quite a bit of his own fascination for space as well as a fair amount of information which will be new to those who have not kept up with the subject. A number of important men in the field are covered in thumbnail sketches; the passages dealing with electronic tracking, rocket propulsion, and the Venus rader experiments are of special interest; and there is a generous supply of illustrations.

Publisher: Harper & Row