SEA FEVER by A. H. Rasmussen


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A deeply felt telling of life as a sailor during the closing years of the great era of sailing ships, which engages the reader through its exciting realism and the love of the author for ship and sea. He first shipped out as a consumptive lad of fourteen, and he toughened into manhood and sailorhood in the face of experience with drunkmad men in sailor's homes or such men as Andreas, who tried to kill him on the mast, and with ships of the coffin fleet which had to be bailed across the Baltic. There are friendships, travel, the mutual feeling of ship and sailor, shipwreck, blood, and beauty in this book, which will appeal to those who like their adventure real and tough, and to the lovers of sea and sail.

Pub Date: Nov. 3rd, 1952
Publisher: Crowell