ROCKS AND RILLS: A Look at Geology by A. Harris & Dale Ingmanson Stone

ROCKS AND RILLS: A Look at Geology

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An approach to geology through the geologic effects of water; within that limitation, a thought-provoking collection of questions and guides to their answers by way of simple experiences. (""What happens when dry steel wool is put into a capped jar, wet steel wool is put into another capped jar, and both are left for a day Or two?"") The line drawings throughout this short book are both interesting and informative. A certain disjointedness results from total reliance upon experiment for communication without much verbal content between each to give focus; Dr. Stone's quite similar The Chemistry of a Lemon (1966) is superior in this respect, as is the Sootins' Young Experimenters' Work Book, also on geology. But this is useful as far as it goes, and will serve to supplement the latter. One warning: the eight-to-twelve designation would seem optimistic both at the reading and the doing level.

Pub Date: June 15th, 1967
Publisher: Prentice-Hall