THE ONION MAIDENS by A. K.--Adapted by Roche


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Another illustrated anecdote from Peters' General History of Connecticut but without the modern equivalent (haircuts) of The Pumpkin Heads (p. 334, J-114). The maidens of Wethers-field were maligned: their town grew famous onions and the girls had to help with the weeding. While others went shopping for ribbons, these maidens earned silk dresses and reputations as good cooks which earned them something else: ""in spite of their red noses and tear-streaked faces and terrible work-roughened hands, there was never an old maid left among the young ladies of Wethersfield."" The way to a man's heart, in a raw slice of very little.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Prentice-Hall