BUYING LAND: How to Profit from the Last Great Land Boom by A. M. Watkins

BUYING LAND: How to Profit from the Last Great Land Boom

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P*R*O*F*I*T is the key word here, so this is not for the land buyer who wants to live with virgin fields and shade trees (although there is a section on buying a place for oneself). Watkins is essentially advising the middle-income buyer/investor to deal in land for dollars. This, he contends, may be the last great land boom, so get with it. The post-war bumper crop of babies are now marrying and raising families so there's more demand, and, in spite of energy problems and tight money, more movement. And there is really plenty of land out thar. Watkins reviews check points in selection: watch growth indicators such as population moves geared to new improvements such as bridge and transit building; and keep track of timing (there are recognizable stages in land-use transitions). There are chapters on evaluation of the specific plot, how to handle sellers both hard and soft, and tips on country dealing along with a rundown on financing, searches, etc., etc. A variety of workable techniques, although the novice might balk at some of the machinations. A basic guide for the aggressive--and environmentalists might like to know what goes on inside the enemies' heads.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1975
Publisher: Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Company