TOTO AND  : A Gorilla in the Family by A. Maria yt

TOTO AND : A Gorilla in the Family

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The story of Toto, companion to Barnum & Bailey's Gargantua, as told by the woman who raised her, from the time her family was killed in Africa to her first months of circus ring. In spite of obstacles, Mrs. Hoyt, whose husband was collecting for the American Museum of Natural History, kept the baby gorilla alive, saw her through illnesses, trials and tribulations, developing intelligence, travels from Africa to France to Cuba, where she dominated the household. Then the sale to the circus and the experiences on tour. Interesting from angle of highest intelligence in primates conditioned to civilization and the relationships and responsibilities brought about as a result. Has some of appeal of My Life in a Man-made Jungle, by Belle Benchley (a book that never got the recognition it deserved).

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1941
Publisher: Lippincott