ROCKY THE CAT by A. R. Swinnerton


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A possible filler for pet lovers, consisting of a handful of episodes illustrating the raggedy, spunky charms of Bryan's cockeyed, cauliflower-eared cat Rocky. Shortly after Rocky follows Bryan home he earns his keep by attacking the bully who's been tormenting Bryan. Rocky disappears for a while after Bryan's antique-dealer grandmother goes after him with a broom for smashing her $1000 Ch'in Dynasty creation--but Rocky's act turns out to be a service when the figure's chips reveal it as a 1974 fake. Bryan is lonely without Rocky but the cat turns up in time to ride with him to victory in a kids' Non-Boat Race; and in the end Rocky gets a special Pet Show award for saving the neighbor girl's poodle from the bully's big mutt. Not hard to take, but altogether unremarkable.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1982
Publisher: Addison-Wesley