ELDER AND YOUNGER BROTHERS: The Encounter of Jews and Christians by A. Roy Eckardt

ELDER AND YOUNGER BROTHERS: The Encounter of Jews and Christians

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Noting the rising interest in the question of Judeo-Christian relationships, this book seeks to state a theological-ethical exposition of the depth and complexity of some of the problems and issues underlying that relationship, past and present. In a time of improving relations, the author feels it important that zeal for friendship and unity should not censor the critical evaluations essential to a genuine human solidarity. The roots of anti-Semitism among Christians are found to go deeper than the psychological sources of general prejudice. Such issues as whether the founding of the Church meant the end of Israel's role as a chosen people; whether the Old and New Testaments are to be seen as continuous or discontinuous; and what is to be done with the traditional Christian outlook of missions to the Jews, are analyzed in depth. The result is a scholarly, searching, irenic, and concerned statement on the problem of Judeo-Christian relationships--both in their complexity and in the richness of their inherent possibilities. This book deserves reading by all those of both communities concerned with healing the wounds of past history and facing the problems and possibilities of today.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Scribners