MATHEMATICS MADE SIMPLE by A. & Stuart. M. Sperling


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Some day I'm going into a hole and pull the hole over me, and take time out to study seems such book as this. For I need everything it has to offer, if only to rid myself of my inferiority complex about figures. Here are short cuts to addition, multipliontion, division; here are problems explained step by step; here are practical applications of algebraie methods, methods; here are simple leads to use of alide rule, legerithus, decimais, persentage, discount problem, interest, etc. Teste on speed left me utterly disheriesed -- but intrigued. Exercises to increase speed and accountancy-and fundamental rules-a few simple case-perhaps-day-who know: Anyhow, never before has there been so huge a market for simplified mathematics. This is in properiest form -- paper bound.

Publisher: Kenmore Publ. Co. 220 Fifth Avenue