A sane, middle of the road approach to the problems of American leadership in the world today, a leadership that must be...



A sane, middle of the road approach to the problems of American leadership in the world today, a leadership that must be practical idealism, rooted in the American form of democracy, partnership capitalism. Here- for those who need the answers- are concrete definitions of a capitalism far removed from the monopolies, cartels, high prices, low wages and lack of social responsibility associated with ""capitalism-European plan"". Three principles built America:- the conception of the dignity of man, integrated economies, mass production. These principles should implement our role as international bankers for peace. ERP is a means to an end, not an end in itself. We must look beyond it now. Integrated economy and industrialization must precede world federalization. Should this be by Russian compulsion or American free enterprise? The choice is ours- and now. His understanding of Russia is based on personal investigation, a challenging interview with Stalin and a perceptive analysis of the Russian strengths and weaknesses. Johnson urges plain talk not diplomatic doubletalk, and is convinced that even the Iron Curtain cannot keep the people of Russia from knowing something of the outside world. His interview with Masaryk, shortly before Soviet pressure brought the end to his faith in Czechoslovakia's chances, throws light on the processes exerted to keep eastern Europe out of ERP. ""Morality isn't much good against a cannon"", said Masaryk. But with ERP we took the initiative, caught the Russians unprepared. To keep this initiative we must own up to and remedy our shortcomings at home, accept purposeful direction and maximum production to avoid deep depression. To this end labor and management must work toegether. His opinion of American labor and its leadership is high. He sees in it the transmission belt to the only sound internationalism. And he expands the ideas already in partial operation through the International Basic Economic Corporation in South America as applicable to world problems in a World Economic Development Corporation. Only this will keep Europe as the check and balance; we must learn to buy more abroad, invest more abroad, and chart the way to a monumental project of world industrialization fusing government funds and private capital. All we lack today is Faith... Good reading and convincing. From Johnson it carries weight.

Pub Date: Nov. 8, 1948


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Publisher: Dutton

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Nov. 1, 1948