Veteran author Davis returns (Seize the Wind, Fear No Evil, etc.), now with a tale about a South African...



Veteran author Davis returns (Seize the Wind, Fear No Evil, etc.), now with a tale about a South African adventurer--searching for treasure that sank with a German U-boat--who fights off Namibian neo-Nazis, foreign agents, the local cops, and a real Nazi who got off the sub at the last minute. South America didn't get all the fascist bigwigs. A number of them headed for the old German colony of South West Africa (now Namibia), comfortably close to the friendly Boers of South America. James McQuade, a trawlerman who has exiled himself from the apartheid policies of his native South Africa, has got wind of the long-ago and secret arrival in Namibia of a particularly repulsive Brown Shirt. Two Bushmen saw the German pop up from the ocean in flight from another very angry gentleman, also German, whom he proceeded to kill. Badly wounded himself, the Nazi lost his moneybag to the Bushmen, who then left him for dead. McQuade correctly deduces that the Germans escaped a submerged U-boat, and from the scraps of evidence collected from the now aged Bushmen, further deduces that there is a fabulous fortune on the sunken sub--enough to make a rich man of anyone who can find it. McQuade finds the sub all right but can't find the treasure. He flies to Europe to research the Nazis and their naval blueprints, sets off a rival search by Mossad agents, and hooks up with a beautiful Christian Science Monitor reporter who joins the hunt, proving herself extraordinarily capable in many agreeable ways. Back in Africa the two track down the old Nazi in his Namibian fortress--but both Mossad and the local white supremacists ate hot on their heels every single minute. Lively, long (522-page) adventure in virgin thriller territory.

Pub Date: Nov. 28, 1990


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Publisher: St. Martin's

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Oct. 15, 1990