A welcome respite from the ""Let's-create-a-genius-by-age-two"" set. Ulene, known for his health commentary on the Today...


BRINGING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR BABY: Introducing Discovery Play

A welcome respite from the ""Let's-create-a-genius-by-age-two"" set. Ulene, known for his health commentary on the Today Show and Shelov (Director, Pediatric Education/Albert Einstein College of Medicine) provide here a format for doing the most essential thing for babies and toddlers--creating self-esteem. The authors note four common points that hold true for virtually all surveyed people of genius: 1) each child discovered his area of interest or talent via play or recreation; 2) the home environment was the most important motivating factor; 3) the parents accepted the child's expressed interest as the priority; and 4) the families and teachers of these children were essential to their ultimate success. Ulene and Shelov then introduce a plan of action for parents that they coin ""discery play,"" which really comes down to providing a responsive environment, sending positive messages, encouraging communication, and cultivating respect, along with lots of natural reinforcement (kisses, cuddles, smiles, etc.). The authors provide lots of experiments and games within this framework to stimulate all of the senses, coordination, the cognitive process, and social and emotional development. A nice way for parents to slip back into childhood while allowing their child to slip gracefully into harmony with himself or herself.

Pub Date: Jan. 19, 1987


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Publisher: Macmillan

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Jan. 1, 1987