Each of the 12 titles in the ""Facts About"" series provides valuable information about a specific problem or difficult...



Each of the 12 titles in the ""Facts About"" series provides valuable information about a specific problem or difficult situation that may be encountered by a child or teen. Texts are clear and readable; the many attractive color photos show young people of various racial groups. Historical information, research findings, and sources of further information are included. Usually, titles also provide coping strategies and reassure readers that their experiences are not unique. Here are three representative titles. Using three students, each required to give a speech as an example, Fears differentiates between feat, anxiety, and phobia; describes common phobias and treatments for them; and gives a brief introduction of the study of fear, phobias, conditioning, and behaviorism as explored by Kierkegaard, Watson, Parlor, and Wolpe. Gangs provides a working definition of its subject; explains that ethnic gangs have always existed among unassimilated populations; links gangs, drugs, crime, and racism; and documents two Los Angeles gangs in particular. The advice that's offered (""Parents can take more interest. . .Teachers can find ways to persuade young people that knowledge and understanding are as worthwhile as the quest to be famous . . ."") is unarguable, but insufficient. In 1987, according to Latchkey Children, 7,000,000 American children were caring for themselves before or after school. Although Monroe doesn't document assertions like ""Most parents think self-care is a good choice"" and ""Studies by school officials show that latchkey children get the same grades or even better grades than other children,"" her book is a fair portrait of this common situation. Useful titles on timely social issues that include glossary/indexes defining specialized terms and slang like ""dork"" and ""wanna-be.

Pub Date: Dec. 15, 1990

ISBN: 89686-441-3

Page Count: 48

Publisher: Ctestwood--dist. by Macmillan

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Nov. 15, 1990

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