Here it is- ""the case and the chase""- as the ""innocent"" who trailed the Everest Expedition (see An Innocent on Everest,...



Here it is- ""the case and the chase""- as the ""innocent"" who trailed the Everest Expedition (see An Innocent on Everest, reported P. 325-1954) reports the hunt for evidence of the actual existence of the Yeti. The Daily Mail Himalayan Expedition, 1954, was charged with the task of investigating the abominable snowman on a scientific basis. And the records accumulated by the members of the expedition certainly established, to their satisfaction, ""the definite identification of a hitherto unknown animal"". On the Yeti's own ground, and with a team well balanced, equipped and fitted for the task, they saw innumerable Yeti tracks, photographed and measured them, examined their droppings and established some basic facts of their diet, and accumulated a mass of evidence offered by natives which agreed as to the general appearance, color, size of the apelike creatures. During five months spent at high altitudes, they also accumulated data on birds and mammals from above the tree line, information about their habits, and a few examples, which were presented to the London Zoo. Plants and seeds, over 100 specimens, were preserved, this despite the winter season. And in the field of anthropology, data on the Sharpas and the yak-herds was added to that already known. But this book is primarily a record of the search for the mysterious Yeti, beyond the rumors, the folk tales and the superstitions. The end result is- for the reader- conclusive. There is a Yeti and some day, one will be captured and studied at close hand. Meantime, here is yet another chapter in the conquest of the mountain world.

Pub Date: July 28, 1955


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Publisher: Doubleday

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: July 1, 1955

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