Six decades (1922-1977) of lust, revenge, lust, politics, lust, business deals, and still more lust in Trinidad--thanks to...



Six decades (1922-1977) of lust, revenge, lust, politics, lust, business deals, and still more lust in Trinidad--thanks to the non-stop feuding and intermarrying of thee hot-blooded, mixed-blooded families. The feverish plotting begins in the Twenties, when rich widower Piper Pollard, new owner of the Golden Hill estate, falls in wild, lustful love with young Rose Bracken--a beautiful, light-skinned seamstress who quickly loses her accent (""I'v' bin saving meself for de right man"") as the happy mistress of Golden Hill. But though Rose gives birth to lily-white son Drum, the good times with Piper are short-lived. First of all, Piper's son Roger spurns his new step-mom. Secondly, Rose is never allowed to forget her black shanty-town brothers. Worst of all, gorgeous sex-crazed Magdalen Finch, whose family used to own Golden Hill, swears undying revenge on the Pollards: her illegitimate son Thee (result of Magdalen's orgy phase) will team up with Rose's crazy brother Jack to set Golden Hill on fire circa 1939, killing Piper and Rose's little daughter. And then, from 1945 to 1965, things get really ugly: Roger brings home his English fiancÉe Alicia, who promptly goes porno-gaga for young Drum, an aspiring conservative politico (his triumphant archenemy is his black uncle, Rose's radical brother Roland); so Roger will wed frigid Texas oil-heiress Clare; and Drum will wed hateful Alicia, though his major lust is for a) dark prostitute Gloria (who bears him a daughter), and b) his daughter by Alicia--nubile Margaret! Meanwhile, of course, while Thee reforms and marries a rising US cosmetics queen, his mum Magdalen (now a madam) is still out to undo the Pollards--by blackmailing Drum with dirty photos and indirectly causing his murder/suicide downfall (with Alicia). So, by the Seventies, things are all set for heavy fighting over Golden Hill as Rose fades away: Drum's illegitimate daughter sues, with help from the Brackens; Magdalen schemes; and Margaret fights back, with help from Uncle Roger--till she falls for old family-enemy Thee. Complete with incest, contested wills, assassination plots, Oriental sado-masochism, and a few chunks of simplified political history: a lurid but lively melodrama stew for bloodline-saga regulars, especially those partial to steamy, sweaty, frequent sex . . . and unconcerned about a distinct lack of likable characters.

Pub Date: Oct. 27, 1982


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Publisher: Crown

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Kirkus Reviews Issue: Oct. 1, 1982