OCTOBER '43 by Aage Bertelsen


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A self-effacing narrative of the exodus of some six to seven thousand Jews- from Denmark into Sweden- during this month of this year- which Mr. Bertelsen, a schoolmaster, helped to organize and effect as leader of what was known as the Lyngby Group. For when, on the Jewish New Year, the Germans broke into Jewish homes, the resistance deflected the destinies of the Danish Jews; raised money for the transports; operated an underground railroad via various routes to the secret points of embarkations. And Bertelsen's story of his activities, and those of his group which broke down after a month due to an informer, ends with his own escape and his wife's arrest for interrogation....An account which is an indirect reflection of the quiet courage of those involved and a direct tribute to the Jews who met persecution with fortitude and faith.

Publisher: Putnam