ESKIMO DOCTOR by Aage Gilberg


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A modest, muted and at all times appreciative account of a year spent in the very farthest north of Greenland's Thule, by a young Danish doctor and his recently acquired wife, Lisbet. Remembering from his boyhood the grandeur and isolation of this country, Gilberg was to be equally impressed on his return by the natives, their hospitality, infectious good humor, pious and frugal contentment. Here is the life he led there; his twelve bed hospital; visits to outlying outposts; the high prevalence of tuberculosis; the already established standards of health and hygiene. And, on the personal side, there are festivities and celebrations; trips by dogsled; hunting for ptarmigan, whale and the rare musk ox. And finally, their departure, so that Lisbet can have her baby at home...At all times stressing the civilities and civilization of a primitive people, this is a pleasing portrayal of general travel rather than specifically medical interest. Something of the Kabloona market, perhaps.

Pub Date: Aug. 16th, 1948
Publisher: Norton