THE DARK PLACE by Aaron J. Elkins


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An intriguing second outing for Elkins' anthropologist-hero, widower Gideon Oliver. Asked by his FBI chum John Lau for help in identifying some mortal remains, Gideon finds himself studying bones found in the far reaches of Washington's Olympia rain forest. Are these the remains of three hikers who disappeared over a six-year span? So it seems. But it also seems, bizarrely, that their deaths were caused by stone-age weapons; and, with painstaking research and help from mentor Abe Goldstein, Gideon comes to believe that a band of primitive Indians is living hidden in a remote corner of the forest--a murderer among them. So, armed with newly acquired, rudimentary knowledge of the tribal language (plus a bag of trinkets), the anthropologist/sleuth sets out to prove his theory--in the company of a new love, intrepid chief-ranger Julie Tendler. Complete with a final surprise and an ingenious solution: a solid blend of deduction, adventure, romance.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1983
Publisher: Walker