ONE DIP DEAD by Aaron Marc Stein


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Matt Erridge in Florence, Italy, where he witnesses--and is framed for--the murder of a man during Easter Sunday mass in the crowded Duomo. Matt is soon cleared (even though the murder gun is found in his pocket), but the murderer--a German terrorist who killed the wrong man and thus must try the assassination again--fears that Matt will identify him; so he kidnaps the wee daughter of Matt's new lady friend to blackmail Matt into inaction and silence. Naturally, then, Matt must first rescue the kidnapped child (with major help from a German vegetarian pal who is connected with those German terrorists) and next--since the killer is still out to get him--must survive an ordeal or two to finally meet up with the killer in the midst of the intended assassination (the victim is an Italian industrialist). Matt is cool, his lady friend is angry and weepy, the child is cute--and this is Stein at his most harmlessly routine, with none of the fresh flair that's been surfacing in his recent George Bagby stories.

Pub Date: Aug. 3rd, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday