MY NEW WORLD by AbbÉ Dimnet


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AbbÉ Dimnet has a warm place in many hearts in all sections of this country. As lecturer, as guest, as writer for various Reviews and as author of such favorite books as The Art of Thinking, he has built up a wide public. This second volume of his autobiography recounts his American experiences. From the angle of autobiography it is a less important book than My Old World, it seems over-chatty and informal, scrappy at times, and too subjective and personal to have the philosophical content that his first volume had. However, it is more popular for the American public, with its wide sweep of cities and towns, and the inclusion of informal bits about people everywhere. He loves America and looks at it with rose-colored spectacles, so his first halting introduction makes amusing and naive reading. A Catholic audience, first, perhaps, but in no way limited to them.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1937
Publisher: Simon & Schuster