OUR FLYING NAVY by Abbot Collection of Naval Aviation


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From pre-flight to combat, in a series of excellently reproduced drawings and paintings by Robert Denney, Lawrence Beall Smith, Howard Baer, Adolf Dehn, Don Freeman, Joseph Mirseh and George Schreiber -- and a text prepared by the Training Literature Section of the Navy Department of Aeronautics -- this is triple checked, authentic, accurate information on the crews, flyers, groundmen, planes, and Waves. From the ground to the air this follows the history of naval aviation from the first experiments with planes and ships, to the aircraft today and the importance of striking its power in this war. All types of airplanes, their missions, their special use, together with the steps of training all the men in this branch get. The introduction is by Frank Know, the preface by Vice Admiral J.S. McCain, and Thomas Craven writes about the pictures which are the property of the Abbott Laboratories of Chicago. All in all -- the book on naval aviation.

Pub Date: Dec. 5th, 1944
Publisher: Macmillan