THE PROPHETS by Abraham Heschel
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Such a complete and thorough study of prophecy and the prophets has not appeared in a long time. Dr. Abraham Heschel has given us not only admirable studies of the Old Testament prophets, but a profound analysis of the very nature of prophecy itself, its purpose, its characteristics, its theology, and most particularly the new light shed upon it by the modern knowledge of depth psychology. Here are some of the chapter titles, ""The Meaning and Mystery of Wrath"", ""Prophecy and Ecstasy"", ""Prophecy and Psychosis"", etc. He takes due notice of other prophets of history, for comparison and and finally the conclusions fairly to be drawn from his valuable research. He hold ates that the concerned, -- not with God's essence, but with the mystery of his man. The prophet reflects not on heavenly mysteries, but on the and of history. He speaks of God turned toward man in history. To the prophet, God is always experienced as subject. He appears as one who demands, one who acts, whose intention is to give righteousness and peace rather than receive homage adoration. that is not the object of man's quest, but He who is in search of man. This is a great book in many ways, and it contributes immensely to the reader's knowledge of Testament, prophetic religion. Though Dr. Herschel does not go so far, his conclusions lead one directly and immediately to the religion of the incarnation of the New Testament, in which God becomes even more deeply involved in human history in his for man.

Pub Date: Dec. 5th, 1962
ISBN: 1598561812
Publisher: Harper & Row