FAT CAN BE BEAUTIFUL by Abraham I. Friedman


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More by the author of How Sex Can Keep You Slim (or ""reach for your mate instead of your plate"") by a physician with long applied experience -- particularly in dealing with the truly obese. There are some new things to be accepted (one third of the people are genetically, metabolically or biochemically born to be fat; psychologically you may need that lipid cushion) -- or to be avoided (fad diets, some cosmetic surgery, not to mention that intestinal bypass!) and some to be followed: his R for raw fruits, S for salads, V for vegetables and P for proteins program as well as eating regularly, more slowly, and less, along with exercise including that ""ideal one"" which he clocks in as burning up 200 calories. So start nuzzling your lover and nibbling carrot sticks -- who can RSVP negatively to what is essentially sensible, however hamhandedly presented.

Pub Date: June 26th, 1974
Publisher: Putnam