SPEAKING OF MAN by Abraham Myerson


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A posthumous publication of a book which was started many years ago, expended and revised from time to time, and which is the statement of the credo of a man who was recognized as one of America's leading psychiatrists. Here his experience as a practitioner is supplemented by and coordinated with an unusually wide reading in many fields, often un-related to psychiatry. Myerson was a man of great independence of thought, who delved into many by-paths but accepted only the demonstrably factual. In this resume of his life's work, he debunks many moderns and other radical theories, and- as well- man's self-imposed inhibitions. But in doing so there is evidence of indulgence- and at times ultra-conservatism. Simply written, easily read, this has a definite but defined market.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1950
Publisher: Knopf