THE ENEMY SEA by Abraham Polonsky
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Enigma and excitment, a lean, hard style as well, for a successful adventure yarn, which may hit the jackpot. It is a story of an oil tanker, S.S. Aruba, which makes the deadly run from Galveston to New York. Aboard are two reluctantly-assumed passengers, -- Carris, brittle, success story feature photographer, and Danny, correspondent, pretty well softened up by his exploited love for her. As gunner, on board, is Larry Denhim, Carrie's one failure, partner of an interrupted love affair, and equally ruthless and assured. Danny discovers that the Aruba is in Fascist hands, as Mother Ship to U-boats prior to her destruction, and he finds that Denhim has aligned himself with the N, hence his discarding Carrie. Manhunt and murder and eventual torpedoing of the ship provide compelling entertainment. Hard, masculine tale, effectively told.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1943
Publisher: Little, Brown